Oct. 7, 2020, 10:50 p.m.

Life is a play

Reflecting on all the overwhelming changes taking place, not only in the world at large and society in general but also in my professional and personal life, with so many comings and goings – people leaving either voluntarily or because their contracts have come to their natural end and friends heading back home after finishing their Masters' – it made me think about the big drama that is life.

Everything passes. The good and happy moments don’t last forever, but neither do the bad and sad moments….and that is both the tragedy and beauty of life. We all have roles to play on this planet. There are many entrances and exits. Many people pass through our lives. Many more never even enter. Some pass through and they leave footprints in the sands of our time. The best ones enter and they stay forever.

theatre masks

Although the pandemic has obviously been terrible, if it hadn’t been for lockdown, I probably would never have made an entrance into the life of a person (and nor she into mine) who I met in June on Zoom, through the 5-week online Spanish course she was delivering. A person whose weekly conversations and virtual company I’ve enjoyed through our regular language exchange that we started after the course ended. A person who has been so patient, who has taught me a lot (or ‘un montón’ as they say in Spanish) over the last few months and someone who I hope to meet in person soon. Only time will tell which of the above she'll fall into but I'm happy to observe, without expectation, the drama of life unfold.

We are all just passing through this life, playing our roles which can seem so small in the grand scheme of things. Yet if we can brighten up each other’s lives and turn on the light in this dark time that our planet is going through, it can create a ripple effect. It can help us all to get through this pandemic before we make our own exits from this adventure on Earth called life.

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